Players Club Reviews:

PLAYER’S CLUB REVIEW                                                                    Saturday, April 4, 2015

My boyfriend and I attended Newbie night last night 04/03/15 although he’s been there before and I haven’t I felt very comfortable. We met nice people I didn’t feel pressured and the staff was very friendly. Thank you for a great night.

PLAYER’S CLUB REVIEW                                                               Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We love it there! No drama. Very relaxed and no pressure. If you are a mature couple that wants fun with out all the drama , it is a great place just to drink your favorite BYOB and dance. They have ice and glasses for everyone. Its not over crowded and you save money by not having to get an expensive hotel room and buying over priced beer, wine and expensive mixed drinks that are mixed weak at other clubs. Plus it’s a very clean and safe place to meet someone and then play. Nothing but positive things, we love it there! Oh and the Sybian! Women love that orgasm maker LOL!
M&T .

PLAYER’S CLUB REVIEW                                                                      Monday, August 4, 2014

Hola somos una pareja joven mexicana con ya dos años de ser socios en players club, en este tiempo usualmente visitamos el club unas 5-6 veces al año…pero es la primera ocasión en que visitamos el club en jueves “swingles” night! Y que noche pasamos tres hombres solteros y mi pareja pasamos la noche de nuestras vidas!!! Llenas de erotismo, caricias y sexo!! Wow! Definitivamente players es el club al que tienes que visitar si te gusta este ambiente….chicos solteros no dejen de ir los jueves porque ahora esta pareja latina estará pendiente de esta fecha más seguido!! Saludos!!!
Joe y Tete.

SATURDAY NIGHT                                                                                      Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just wanted to email you back and let you know, we have attended your club twice. Bought a year membership the first time we went. Has been the best investment. Your staff is outstanding!! Laid back no pressure atmosphere, fun environment with great people. Absolutely opposite from what we expected. It was great. And we will be using our year membership as much as we can. Great job on having such a fun club with good people! Thank you

THANK YOU!!!                                                                                              Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jason and Tonya from Utah writing you just to say we had a blast at the meet and greet on July 18, 2014.  You run a great and well organized club.  We have been in the life style for over ten years and have been to a lot of clubs like your around the country and your is by far the best.  We will be returning in the near future.  Again thanks for the wonderful time.

PLAYER’S CLUB REVIEW                                                                              Friday, July 11, 2014

I have never felt so comfortable any place in my life! Every one we have met is classy and nice. The DJ rocks the house and the staff is very accommodating. Just a very fun time and we have met some new friends!!!

PLAYERS CLUB REVIEW                                                                           Thursday, July 3, 2014

We are new regulars at Players and since day one we have been welcomed and the hospitality between the volunteers working and the social persona is astounding and above all amazing. We enjoy every weekend here and have met great people. For anyone who thinks a membership and a 40 dollar nightly due is expensive, write down your total tab for the bars you go to especially if you buy friend’s drinks. We always end up less at Players. We recommend this place 100%. It’s stepping into a community for a lifetime and for a amazing lifestyle.

PLAYERS CLUB REVIEW                                                          Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Love this club !!!!!  We met a very nice lady from Argentina we will be back very soon !!!
Reid and Ell !!!!!!

PLAYERS CLUB REVIEW                                                                       Sunday, October 6, 2013

We went on 10/4/13 for newbie night to get a feel for the club and get more information on the lifestyle. Everyone was extremely friendly and made us feel right at home. We didn’t not feel like the outsiders. We were immediately drawn into the group. This is the best club we have ever been to and can not say enough good things. We had the time of our lives! The staff is very helpful and will come and check on you several times to make sure you are feeling comfortable. This club is extremely clean it exceeded our expectations. The door fees seemed high when we were looking into it but after going it is defiantly worth every penny. Best advice is you are going to get out of it what you put into it. If you plan on sitting at your table all night you will probably not have a whole lot of fun. Get up mingle and meet people. Thank you everyone who made our first night a night to remember!
~ Jj & Beth

REVIEW FOR YOUR SITE                                                                        Saturday, July 20, 2013

We attended for the first time July 19 2013. Let us preface our review by saying we owned a 10,00o sq ft on-premises club, been in the lifestyle since the early 90′s ;) and have been in over 50 different clubs in the states and 6 countries.  With that being said we are excited to be 60 miles away from this club and will be making it our home for weekends of adult fun. We met all the employees, spent at least 15 minutes chatting with the  owner and got a tour. All within the first 30 minutes on premises. All was welcoming,  friendly and class acts. Plenty of play rooms and accessories for whatever your desires. The premises was clean, drama free and attentive to ones needs. They have a dress code which we find refreshing. So if your the saggy jeans, tshirts hat crowd this isn’t your place. But if your looking for a safe, clean and classy place to spend your adult times on the town Players Club is the place in south Texas.
Rating 9 of 10

PLAYERS CLUB REVIEW                                                                           Monday, June 17, 2013

My husband and I went for our first time and we had the best night!  We were greeted warmly, given a tour (which made me very hot with all the wonderful accommodations) and immediately became friends with a couple that we found to be a wonderful match!  Mid-way through the evening I changed into more comfortable attire (which was incredibly liberating) and started dancing the night away!  We had a group of newbies all together at one big table dancing, laughing, and completely enjoying life.  It is a wonder that humans go around bound by societal rules and  forget that we are all beautiful and amazing creatures in our own rights.  My confidence is through the roof, my husband and I couldn’t be closer and it is all due to the wonderful gathering provided by The Player’s Club.  Thank you again for your hospitality both from the staff and the patron’s.  I feel like Cinderella but in my version she shucked the dress, kept on the heels, and brought her prince and fairy godmother to the pumpkin patch for her happily ever after!  I hope to see you there!

PLAYERS CLUB REVIEW                                                                           Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My wife and I were invited to tag along one night with a couple that was already members of Players.  We were apprehensive but a little excited about going so we went.  “Foam Night” was the event that night and it was so much fun to watch other people and really get comfortable with the surroundings.  There is absolutely no pressure there to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with.  It’s a great place to hang out with other like minded couples.  We have been at least one night every weekend since we started going and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!  We wouldn’t trade it for a boring night out at another public club paying for over-priced drinks and immature crowded drunk people.  This is the place to be!

PLAYER’S CLUB REVIEW                                                                          Sunday, March 3, 2013

We are so excited to discover Player’s Club – our new favorite bar/club!  We went to Newbie Night on Mar 1 and had so much fun we came back the next night as well.  BTW, there were about a dozen newbies at Newbie Night so we didn’t feel unusual at all.  Any negative preconceived ideas about what a swinger club might be like were tossed out the window.  From the moment we entered to register, we felt welcomed and comfortable.  The main area is relaxed, with good music, friendly, accepting (not pushy or obnoxious) people, a pool table and dance floor.  Several times through the night, people checked on us to make sure we felt comfortable.  One long-time member took the time to give us a personal tour of the place and get to know us.  It’s refreshing to be around people who are secure with their bodies and their sexuality.

At first blush, it seems a little expensive to spend the $50 door fee, but when you think about what you spend on cover plus drinks at a regular club, $50 per couple (that’s $25 per person with no extra cost of expensive bar drinks) plus the meager cost of the drinks we brought was probably LESS than we might spend somewhere else!  There are opportunities for every level of comfort, from simple mingling or voyeurism to public sex.  We love the sheer-curtained rooms available to watching and acting!  We visited the other lifestyle club and didn’t stay, but instead went back to Players.  It just seemed cleaner and had a friendlier vibe to us.  t see us becoming very regular visitors and look forward to becoming members!!  Highly recommended even if you’re just curious to see what the lifestyle is all about!

CLUB REVIEW                                                                              Thursday, November 8, 2012

Came across this place online and looked interesting so we went by and got our membership and paid for the Halloween event and had a blast, Everyone was in their own little groups at first til a little later in the night then it seemed everyone was everywhere and all having a good time. The playroom was excellent, No words can really describe it, Just Awesome. Plan on going back a couple of times before the big New Years Event which we are already signed up for.


THE HALLOWEEN PARTY WAS AWESOME                       Monday October 31, 2011

We just wanted to thank you and tell you how much we enjoyed the Halloween party, it was awesome!

Great party, great people, great club!  Soooo much fun!

We are pretty newbie and have been to the club 4 times so far. Every time has been really good, Players is definitely our favorite bar now (comfortable, relaxed, great music you can talk over, great folks to meet and always a good time, the erotic parts just make it better), but Halloween just went over the top.

Love the dance cage, duno if it was new for Halloween, or since the last time we were there, but it is definitely a keeper.

Thanks!  Be back soon!

Steve and Pat

SOFTAILRIDER                                                                           Tuesday October 11, 2011

We had a great time at the club. The owners made us very comfortable and gave us good information that we may have not thought about before hand.

San Antonio, TX – Newbie Night @ PLAYERS CLUB – Friday October 07, 2011

Review of Scavenger Hunt                                                     Wednesday October 05, 2011

Being a Newbie, this was our impression: it was a blast. We got to meet people that we wouldn’t have because we just would have sat at our table. Everybody mingled and got to know everybody. It was more of a group party atmosphere instead of of singular event.For new members like us, this really helps us feel at ease. We loved it, plus I won. Mike & Melanie

Swinger Scavenger Hunt and Meet n Greet  Saturday September 24, 2011

Had a fabulous time!!!                                                            Tuesday September 27, 2011

We always do…

Swinger Scavenger Hunt and Meet n Greet  Saturday September 24, 2011

it was fun                                                                                   Monday September 26, 2011

i had a great time. i always do. the music was great and meet new people was cool. i will be back for sure

Swinger Scavenger Hunt and Meet n Greet Saturday September 24, 2011

Fun!Fun!Fun!                                                                            Saturday September 17, 2011

Players M&G this past Friday night was a blast and what made it even better was the Lock & Key theme. We met alot of new people and had a way better time then in the past, that night. It was nice to change things up. Too bad we didn t win anything!: ( LOL But we made new friends which is even better! :)

AWESOME first time!                                                                     Tuesday August 16, 2011

My wife and I went to the club on August 5th (Friday night). All I can say is the we HIGHLY recommend it!!! Especially for first timers! The place is immaculate, the staff is amazing, and the owners are awesome! From the second we walked in we felt welcomed. It was our first time and the girl at the front desk immediately put us at ease. Then the bartender inside offered a guided tour which the owner conducted. The DJ was the only negative and after talking to the owner, and the DJ, the music got better and people started to dance. It just got better from there! We ended up in the play room and had a blast! I do owe the playroom attendant and the manager an apology for my mistake at the end of the night though! All in all, we had the time of our lives and the club could not offer a higher recommendation! Go to Player SA, let loose, and have some fun. You won’t regret it!
Rating: 10

Dress Code Casualty – A Cautionary Tale                                       Friday August 12, 2011

We tried to visit Players from out of town, but were turned away. Mr. was wearing Mondo dress shorts, dress shirt, and Gravati black leather shoes. Mrs was rocking a short short skirt (ooops she forgot her panties), high heels, and revealing top.

Players manager said, making note Mr had some nice shoes, then kindly asked we go to Wal-Mart 15 minutes away and buy pants for the Mr – seems shorts didn’t meet their dress code. While we get turned away, all manner of the street casual wear was admitted, off the street blue jeans (don’t think Buckle, think about the pair you pull out to paint the house), tennis shoes, and any manner of casual wear was allowed entry (not to disparage crowd, saw some nicely dressed go in as well). I’d guess the purpose of any dress code, and only reason to enforce it, is to maintain a certain atmosphere, attract a specific crowd, and create a high quality party experience. So, by letting in any manner of street cloths and turning away those dressed for a party, we must surmise from that they are looking for a casual street cloths type of party.

We didn’t get through the door, but don’t recommend Players. I’d give them a pass if Mr was wearing cargo pants and tennis shoes, but since we dress to the nines to party, we’ve never had to check dress code. Lesson learned and so if you do go to Players then please remember to read the Players dress code or wear whatever you’d wear to paint your house, either will suffice.

Rating: 1

Friday Nite Meet and Greet                                                               Saturday June 18, 2011

Had a really good time. Saw alot of beautiful people and enjoyed ourselves. If I could say anything about making it better, it would be to improve the music; didn’t see a live DJ but a hot DJ and if not, then improved music choice/timing that builds through the night. Outside of that, really enjoyed it and will definitely be back!
Rating: 8

Awesome Saturday Night!                                                                   Monday May 09, 2011

Awesome! We had a blast (5/7/2011). Can’t wait to go again. I highly recommend this club. I can’t imagine anything out there that would be better. Also, all our worries were totally unfounded. It’s what you make of it and there is no pressure whatsoever.

Rating: 10

Title: Great time                                     Date:5/1/2011 5:49:48 AM
Went to players for corsette and heels night and was very pleased 30 April 2011. Club was dead until 11 or so, after 11 the crowd rolled in and by 1200 the play room was hopping. Very relaxed atmosphere. We are new to Players and felt comfortable with the mix of regulars and plenty of new couples. I highly suggest checking this club out no matter if you are brand new to the lifestyle or if you are a seasoned veteran.
Rating: 7

Title: The new couple                                                                                  Date: 4/25/2011
We are a new couple to the club and have only come out a couple of times…but everytime we have a blast in the play room! We are slow to warm up to I guess or just havent been around long enough to really make new friends just yet; but I have a feeling it wont take too long :)

The staff is freaking awesome! Gave us a tour of the whole place, explained the different areas in the playroom and instructions on how everything works…which was really helpful seeing how we are not only new to the club, but new to the lifestyle as well.

I think the music is a great mix seeing how you have such a wide range of age groups in the club. However the 80′s porn could be updated :)

All in all we have had a great experience in our whole 2 visits and each week I’m looking forward to our next visit to PC.

Rating: 10

Title: Awesome! Date:                                                                                   Date: 4/12/2011
Went to Players last weekend for the first time since you moved. We had an awesome time. Loved the voyeur room. Had beautiful sex with the wife and enjoyed watching other couples have sex in the orgy room. Hope to see you soon!

Rating: 10

Title: Great place!                                                                                          Date: 4/5/2011
We are new to the lifestyle, and after going to Player’s, we do not regret a single choice we have made! Player’s is tons of fun. The crowd is friendly and fun. You can tell who is a regular, and see the little cliques, but they’re not ugly, rude or snobby. The entire staff is AMAZING & super nice. We still get a little shy when we first show up, being that we don’t really know anyone (don’t go often enough) but before we know it we have made friends. She ESPECIALLY loves the play room. Screw everything else, the playroom has won it for this woman! So far, so great. Not a single bad experience.

Rating: 10

Title: Players                                                                                                 Date: 3/19/2011
We had a great time at the meet and greet at Players. The staff was perfect and the manager was very professional, handling a few rowdy couples that he escorted to the door when they had too much fun. NO DRAMA! We love this place.

Rating: 10

Title: First Time                                                                                              Date:3/19/2011
I attended Players for the first time and had a great time. I could not believe how much fun it would be. The manager, Donnie, gave me a tour, introduced me to other couples, and checked on me to make sure my time there was a great one. I was surprised that some of the women would not let me play with their men but I am still learning. It was a good start and I will be back.

Rating: 10

Title: Players is the Shizz                                                                            Date: 3/12/2011
I can’t talk enough about this place. To start, I did not know Players had moved. I had been out of the country for the last 10 months. My girlfriend and I went to the club to renew my single female membership and get her a single female membership and party only to learn that they had moved locations. The club occupying the old building, Prestige/Mystique, told me Players had closed and “they” were the new hottest club in town. After paying for new memberships, we learned from others in the club that Players had moved locations due to building owner problems. We went to the management, accused them of lying, and demanded a refund. They just laughed at us. When we arrived at the real Players club the manager, Donny, was very kind and gave us credit towards our new memberships. Apparently the other club has done this to other members not knowing Players had moved. I highly recommend avoiding club Prestige/Mystique! They lie and use underhanded means to get money from you. Players club will take care of you. They have a great staff who went out of their way to make us feel welcome and we had a great time. Party at Players and don’t go to the other club!

Rating: 10

Title: Players                                                                                                      Date: 3/8/2011
Players changed locations about 8 months ago to a better building. The layout is more conducive as a night club for dancing as well as playing. The dance floor is center club and the bar is long and accommodating. There is a stage, one large 16 foot dance pole, as well as two smaller poles. The club has a pool table back by the DJ booth. There are tables and chairs or couches to sit at whatever your choice. The club has four VIP Dens to rent for private parties. The Playroom is remarkable with several areas including padded button-tucked semi-private rooms that are large enough for three couples. It has a group room for six to nine couple parties. There is an exhibitionist/voyeur room that easily handles 12 couples. It has an area with hydraulic “position” chairs, swing, and an eight foot sex bean bag. There is also a room with a Sybian saddle vibrator for everyone’s enjoyment. There are lockers in the Playroom area. The club sports a Boutique at the front of the club with a little of everything needed for club wear. We like the fact that new members are welcomed and are given tours of the club by many of its current members, not just by the management. The club also provides courtesy valet parking. Nothing beats driving up to the front door and being able to walk right in while your vehicle is being parked for you. It is a nice “Bennie”. The club is open on Thursdays (singles night), Fridays, and Saturdays. We will visit this club again!

Rating: 10

Title: Players at their new location                                                                 Date: 2/1/2011
While in San Antonio for business, we visited Players recently at their new location. It has been a year for us since our last outing and we must admit things have improved. The new club has a much better feel to it. The dance floor is decently sized with a stage and dance poll next to it for easy access. The layout presents a central setting with elevated areas to the rear so that everyone can see the whole club. The sound system is setup so the music does not overwhelm couples having conversations at the tables. We especially liked the boutique that Players had with outfits for their special events. Since my wife and I did not know of the special event, we did not dress accordingly. It was convenient to be able to purchase something right there and be part of the evening’s theme. We also believe that the playroom was marvelous! The manager explained that they took the ideas from their members and built a playroom that has something for everyone. The staff were top notch and went out of their way to make us feel welcome and answer any questions we had. The people were very friendly and it wasn’t too long till we had made new friends. We will definitely be telling our friends in Pennsylvania not to miss a chance to visit Players in San Antonio, Texas.

Rating: 10

Title: Players is the Shit!!                                                                               Date: 12/23/2010
Update the picture!!

Great facilities — Amazing playroom
Friendly, fun, all-volunteer staff
Hot crowd that loves to dance
Good music
Clean, clean, clean

Only open Friday and Saturday
Can get crowded (450 people on Halloween)
A little expensive

Rating: 8

Title: They do it right                                                                              Date: 12/23/2010
The club has been at its new location for a few months. It’s a little smaller, but much better laid out. The picture you see now is out of date. Fix it please!!

The new playroom has to be seen to be believed. They’ve dispensed with their silly locker room BS where you first had to remove all your clothes before entering the play area. Now you just show up and play.

The all-volunteer staff is friendly and fun. (Please tip them fat and tip them often — they deserve it. And no, I’m not one of them. lol)

The crowd is very hot and loves to dance the night away. I’d say 80% of the crowd is 30 to 50. A few younger and older. Dress nicely and bring a friendly disposition and you will not be disappointed. Get up and meet people. They are there to meet you too. lol

I’ve heard from some people that Player’s is too expensive and that the crowd is a intimidating. All I can say is “too each their own.” No club can be all things to all people. That being said, it fits us to a T.

Last thing… My wife and I are not clean freaks, but we are picky about where we’re going to be naked; Player’s has never been a cause for concern. Clean towels, toy sanitizer, condoms and lube are always available.

Hope to see you soon!

Rating: 10

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Title: The new couple Date:4/25/2011 7:44:53 PM
We are a new coupel to the club and have only come out a couple of times…but everytime we have a blast in the play room! We are slow to warm up to I guess or just havent been around long enough to really make new friends just yet; but I have a feeling it wont take too long :)

The staff is freaking awesome! Gave us a tour of the whole place, explained the different areas in th playroom and instructions on how everything works…which was really helpful seeing how we are not only new to the club, but new to the lifestyle as well.

I think the music is a great mix seeing how you have such a wide range of age groups in the club. However the 80′s porn could be updated :)

All in all we have had a great experience in our whole 2 visits and each week Im looking forward to our next visit to PC

Rating: 10
Title: Awesome! Date:4/12/2011 7:56:26 AM
Went to Players last weekend for the first time since you moved. We had an awesome time. Loved the voyeur room. Had beautiful sex with the wife and enjoyed watching other couples have sex in the orgy room. Hope to see you soon!
Rating: 10